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Where individuals and families will find high-quality, evidence-based, and integrated healthcare services.


Family Life Psychology serves the community with a passionate desire to support families with the hope of empowering a generation of healthy minded parents and future leaders and to equip the youth to thrive amidst everyday challenges. Joel and Andrea Pukalo, the founders of Family Life Psychology, work wholeheartedly to create resounding and resilient values of unity, strength, undeniable momentum, and healing in the many difficult circumstances that we as humans encounter in our lives. No one is immune to pain but walking together through it, seeking to understand one another, and offering the courageous hand of forgiveness are game changers.


In addition to the focus of equipping parents in the challenges that often come in raising children, the conflict that is expected between partners, spouses, siblings, or extended family, the team at Family Life Psychology also specializes in the following areas because we know that no one is immune to grief, trauma, and the physiological effects that manifest as depression, anxiety, and a host of other complications. As humans, we are interconnected with ourselves and with one another, so when one area suffers it in turn affects ourselves and others. Our hope is to holistically address the concerns, challenges, or blocks to step into the new day that is at hand through a variety of counselling techniques and specialties that our practitioners provide. We extend our hearts to yours in the journey that lies ahead.


Pain often makes us feel powerless. However, pain can be one of the most powerful agents of change on the journey of becoming as you discover the powerful person inside of you is greater than circumstances surrounding you. Whether your pain is personal (depression, anxiety, confusion, hopelessness, discouragement, disappointment, loneliness, grief, or fear) and/or relational (loss of relationships or relational difficulties), it would be an honor to journey with you.

Our Core Values

At Family Life Psychology, individuals and families will find high-quality, evidence-based
and integrated health care services.


Every person is unique and possesses incredible strengths.

Our unique selves bloom and come to fruition when immersed in community living connected to others.

We become ourselves living relationally connected to others. Let’s journey together to live more connected to ourselves and others.


Life is less about what happens to us and more about the people we become through the pages of our story.

Embracing and journeying through the hard parts of our story lead us towards processing pain, learning, and growing into the person we are becoming.


Unlocking a key inside of ourselves that allows us to love freely without any walls, fear, or hindrances.

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