Hi there I am Joel Pukalo

and here is my story…

Fun Facts About Joel

I grew up on farm outside of Spruce Grove. My brother still runs the family farm today and as a family we try to visit often.

My parents were both teachers and that was my first career as well.

My dream job is an NFL coach, coaching sports for me was my first taste in being able to inspire people which compelled me on the journey to become a Psychologist. In terms of sports, my favourite team is the Kansas city Chiefs, I love wearing my jersey and watching the game with my kids and friends.

Joel Pukalo
Registred Psychologist

As the founders of Family Life Psychology, Andrea and I have the privilege of supporting our clients and the communities we serve. In counseling, I’m passionate about facilitating relational healing and cohesion. Within the community, Family Life is honoured to work collaboratively with health and education sectors to bring about social change, cohesion, and connection.

Families & Couples

As a parent of two beautiful girls, Joel believes the goal of a cohesive family is to empower each family member with the tools and strategies to regulate emotions, solve problems, prioritize the needs of others, think from multiple perspectives, and manage conflict in ways that develop deeper relational connections.
Joel’s passion is to help families (couples, families, and children) develop the skills and strategies to grow more connected and resilient. His approach to counseling is collaborative, strength-based, and connection focused.
Whether a family is seeking support for emotional/behaviors difficulties, strategies for managing ADHD or other medical diagnoses, or interpersonal conflict between siblings, parent-sibling, or parent-parent, Joel’s approach provides families with practical strategies that empower family members to work collaboratively with each other to address day-to-day issues in a way that maximizes relationship and challenges each individual to grow into a self-governing responsible decision-maker.

Individuals (Adults, Teen, Children)

Faith & Spiritual Formation


Joel’s approach is grounded in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), as he believes that learning to process and journey through difficult thoughts, feelings, and emotions, enables us to move towards integration and acceptance of ourselves and our journeys.


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