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A psychological evaluation is often thought of as the first line of defence in diagnosing and treating a mental health condition. Performed by our psychologist, it helps us gain an understanding of the severity and duration of the patients symptoms. Valuation and test are the two main components used in an psychological assessment. The testing part of an assessment typically includes using formal tests, or “norm-referenced” tests. These are standardized tests that measure an individual’s ability to learn and understand several concepts.
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Psychological Assessments or Psychological Tests are verbal or written tests formed to evaluate a person’s behaviour. Many types of Psychological tests help people understand various dynamics of the human being. It helps us understand why someone is good at something, while the other is good at another.


The reason for using Psychological Assessment rather than basing a diagnosis on a clinical interview is twofold:

The classification of the types of psychological tests is as follows:

As per the nature of psychological tests
In the terms of standardized and non-testing methods of testing.

As per the functions of psychological tests
Such as intelligence tests, personality tests, interest inventories, aptitude tests, etc.

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